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An exciting series featuring Dr. Andrew Taylor.

We are very excited to launch a brand new Tutorial Series featuring Dr. Andrew Taylor from Taylor Newberry Consulting.  Andrew Taylor, PhD, is a program evaluation consultant with more than 20 years experience. Working with the Peel Institute for Collective Impact, Andrew has created three independent tutorials focused specifically on articulating impact, designing a measurement plan, and implementing the plan.


Tutorial 1: Planning for Impact (8 minutes)


This video will include simple tips for linking your program to larger community results. It will also give guidance about how to articulate the more specific, short-term program outcomes for your program. This video will help learners clarify their program design. This is the first step towards good quality outcome measurement and reporting. Key points will include:

  • Short-term program outcomes vs. long-term program outcomes vs. community results
  • Common problems in identifying program outcomes and solutions

Tutorial 2: Asking the Questions that will Enable you to Act (6 minutes)


This video will explain the importance of focusing your evaluation work on those questions in the most useful way. It will emphasize the link between focus and an efficient, manageable evaluation plan. Key points will include:

  • Types of evaluation questions
  • What makes a good lead question
  • Questions that lead to action and questions that do not
  • Challenges that arise when you ask too many questions or vague questions

Tutorial 3: Getting the Answers (6 minutes)


This video will present practical tips about how to develop indicators that will help track program outcomes. It will go through the distinction between indicators that track how well the program was delivered vs. indicators that show whether anyone was better off. For example, it will help agencies get data that enable them to say that participants "felt comfortable" or "learned something" to data that shows "increased self confidence." Key points will include:

  • The definition of an indicator
  • Is anyone better off?
  • Triangulation


Improving Access to Data
Veronique Dryden, Planner, Region of Peel

24 minutes

This webinar provides an overview of the Peel Data Centre with some practical examples on how to access and utilize community level data.

Open Data at the Region of Peel
Veronique Dryden, Planner, Region of Peel

19 minutes

A brief introduction to Open Data, this webinar will demonstrate how to find and download data in the Region of Peel's Open Data Catalogue.

Introduction to Results Based Accountability

Julie Pehar, UWPR and ROP Consultant
Diane Myers, Executive Director, Family Education Centre
Elizabeth Hawley, Director, Effective Practice and Programs, Child Development Resource Connection Peel

60 Minutes

This webinar is an introduction to Results Based Accountability (RBA), a tool and framework to help communities achieve measurable changes to quality of life. Hear from Peel leaders as they share their experiences using and learning about RBA in their agencies and the Peel region. 

Introduction to Collective Impact

Julie Pehar, UWPR and ROP Consultant
Debbie Lupton, Caledon-Dufferin Victim Services
Vanita Varma, Executive Director, Spectra Community Support Services
Aamna Ashraf,  Director, Peel Newcomer Strategy Group

60 Minutes

This webinar is an introduction to Collective Impact, a philosophy originating from Stanford University that shifts the focus from individual agency contributions towards working together to make broad change around complex social issues. Hear from Peel leaders as they share their experiences using and learning about Collective Impact in their agencies and the Peel region.



 Knowledge Exchange
Tues., June 26, 2012

The first Knowledge Exchange in our series was a face-to-face community conversation on Moving Forward with Collective Impact Using Results Based Accountability

Community of Practice
Thurs., June 21, 2012

The first conference call in our series was a follow-up conversation on the Peel Counts 2011 Report and a look at next steps. 


Coming soon! 


Coming soon!