Peel Counts 2011 is a Call to Action

Use the report to begin important conversations and to inspire your role in Peel’s collective ability to measure and improve the impact we are having on people’s quality-of-life. Begin to visualize how we can build from here and how much more powerful and effective we can become. Imagine the possibilities of a more resilient Peel!

Chapter One
Lists some captivating statistics and shows us what a unique and asset-rich community Peel is.

Chapter Two
Uncovers the history of the Investing for Resilience Strategy and explains the rationale behind why measurement is crucial to achieving results, making informed decisions and improving accountability.

Chapter Three
Introduces Results Based Accountability and the incredible and complex world of data.

Chapter Four
Demonstrates the robust and dynamic nature of Peel’s human service sector and funder community when called on to share knowledge and ideas at the Impact Cafes about the people they serve and support.

Chapter Five
Identifies and lists the population indicators that were prioritized at the  Impact Cafes and adds new data ideas sourced by the regional Data Development Committee.

Chapter Six
Outlines how we work differently as a result of Results Based Accountability and invites the Peel community to become involved in actions that will “turn curves” in Peel.

Chapter Seven
Displays all priority population indicators in graph form for easy access and reference.