Peel Counts 2011... 

is a summary of work related to the United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel, Human Service strategy called, Community Investment Strategy: Investing for Resilience.

During 2007 and 2008, Peel Region and the United Way completed a broad community consultation around their individual funding priorities. During the consultations, the community encouraged us to approach things differently. They asked us to look at our "investments" as both financial contributions and other supports provided to address many areas of need.

Among its requests, the community proposed we work with local agencies to enhance their ability to measure outcomes at the program and community/ population levels. 

United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel invest millions of dollars in planning, supporting and delivering human services in the Peel community. While quality-of-life has been an historic priority for United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel, never before has there been such an urgency to act differently to meet the growing needs of residents. Thus, the overarching outcome for the Investing for Resilience Strategy is:

 "All individuals and familes are resilient 
and thrive within a vibrant communityā€¯

To achieve this outcome, strategies are directed to programs, services and initiatives that result in:  

Resilient People    Strong Families    Vibrant Neighbourhoods and Communities

Who are the priority people and what are the priority issues that will result in resilient people, strong families and vibrant neighbourhoods and communities? 


Peel's Nine Priority Populations

1. Seniors are healthy, connected and functioning to their best ability

2. Persons with disabilities are fully included and reach their full potential

3. Residents live free from violence and abuse, especially women and children

4. Persons living with mental illness (or at risk) are connected and thrive

5. Newcomers and Immigrants thrive and are fully included in community life

6. Families have the ability to support and help one another succeed

7. Children and Youth reach their full potential

8. Residents experience less poverty, hunger and have access to affordable housing

9. Neighbourhoods have residents that are actively engaged and connected to their community

Together we have defined why these priorities are important to the well-being of our community and, using better measurement, we will continue to make better decisions.