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Peel Counts...was informed by broad “community” representation:

  • The Investing for Resilience community consultation, which involved a variety of diverse residents, service providers and funders
  • Community impact Cafes held in 2011, involving almost 200 peel human service providers, community stakeholders and funders

This report draws on input and research from the Peel Data Development Committee, which includes:

Baciu, Dr. Iuliana: Researcher, Peel Children and Youth Initiative

Cartín-Artega, Federico: Supervisor, Strategic Planning
Human Services, Region of Peel

Corbett, Mike: Researcher, Taylor Newberry Consulting Inc.

Da Silva, Paulo: Junior Planner, Information and Intelligence Team, Corporate Services, Integrated
Planning Division, Region of Peel

Dryden, Veronique: Planner, Information and Intelligence Team, Corporate Services, Integrated Planning Division, Region of Peel

Dumaresq, Dr. Marilyn: Past Director Success by 6

Jaros, Ron: Planning Manager, Information and Intelligence Team, Corporate Services, Integrated Planning Division, Region of Peel

LeMoine, Karen: Project Specialist, Community Health Initiatives, Health Services, Region of Peel

Lyn, Andre: Researcher, Social Planning Council of Peel

Mahmood, Zaid: Specialist, Performance Measurement
Strategic Planning, Policy and Partnerships, Human Services, Region of Peel

Nkado, Chine: Project Leader, Strategic Projects, Office of Strategic Innovation and Policy, Region of Peel

Pehar,Julie: RBA Specialist, Equity Vision Consulting

Russell-Kwan, Kathy: Researcher, Program Department
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

Solonik, Sandra: Advisor, Community Investment, Human Services, Region of Peel

Stellinga, Anita: Vice President Community Investment, United Way Peel Region

Taneja, Seema: Researcher, Peel Children and Youth Initiative/Success By 6

Taylor, Dr. Andrew: Principal Consultant, Taylor Newberry Consulting Inc

Wintermute, Sergeant Brian: Operational Planning and Resources, Peel Regional Police